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Saturday, November 3

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    The Dixiecrat Bloc. Had God forgotten to bestow the essential qualities of mercy and goodwill upon these people? During the debate, one of their representatives justified his punishments by saying, “We only whip them when they’re bad. It gets results.” Their only justification to their plan was that the South would split from the Union if they were not given their rights to slaves. In addition, they supported the further importation of even more slaves from Africa, even when they were confronted with the idea that they could pay laborers for the same work. They deprive their countrymen of jobs, all the while saying that their slaves were crucial to the economy. After being asked if the whipping was good for the slaves, a representative claimed, “Yes. In Africa, they weren’t as civilized as us. If we didn’t take them out of their jungles and tamed them, they would be worse off.” Not only is whipping claimed to be essential, but it is justified as ‘taming’ and ‘civilizing’. The very fact that these people are able to participate as officials in the origins of the first large-scale democracy since Rome proves that our government has serious problems.
    The most pressing problem of this age has to be addressed first. If slavery is ignored any longer, America will suffer. The only option now is to follow the Crispus Attucks Plan and deal with the most pressing issues first. Have we truly established a haven of freedom, safe from impersonal kings who exploit us for their own benefits if we leave the chains of bondage around the necks of our brothers? Is this a land of the free if we continue to pay slavers to kidnap fathers and mothers and children and friends from Africa to service our own needs? Our primary goal is one that must be to create a free country, and then we can provide the truly liberated people with the leaders they deserve. Vote Crispus Attucks. Finish the job of liberating this country. Stop this knavery, and together, lets end slavery.
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Friday, November 2

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