Carson, Kevin, Aysen, Chris, Angel, Tyler, and Xavier.

Group Members and Roles
  • Angel-pamphlet and facebook page
  • Kevin-journalist
  • Tyler-radio ad
  • Xavier-poster
  • Chris-mailer and TV ad
  • Carson-debate, speech
  • Aysen-debate, photog

Group Slogan

"Proportional representation is the key to our new nation"


What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution
  • A bicameral legislature where both houses are determined proportionately
  • Lower house elected by the people
  • Upper house elected by the lower house
  • Create an executive branch to ensure the will of the legislation is carried out
  • Formation of a Judiciary
  • The executive and parts of the Judiciary will have the power to veto/override legislation
  • National veto power over any state legislation

Bullet Points of the Best Plan

  • Do away with the failed Articles of Confederation and create a new government
  • Create a federal government with 3 branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial
  • System of checks and balances to ensure power is not all taken by one branch
  • Legislature is bicameral (two houses) and seats are awarded in both by population; a Virginian representative speaks for the same amount of people as a New Jersey representative which means everyone’s voice carries the same amount of power
  • State legislatures remain in place to create laws for their own states, while national legislature creates laws for the entire country

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Americans. We have a crisis on our hands; the Articles of Confederation that we crudely
instituted amidst the fervor of war -- is failing. We are the debtors, nay, the laughing stock of
European monarchies. We have no money, we have no power, we have no government.
I extend my brotherly love here, in Philadelphia, to you all. Where the honorable Benjamin
Franklin found a city filled with opportunity, we delegates are gathered here today to ensure this
vitality for not only Philadelphia, but for this entire nation. The anger expressed by revolutionary
veteran Daniel Shays last year is a harsh example of what our country cannot provide for the
citizens of our nation; even for the citizens who risked their lives in the hope of a government
instituted for the people by the people. The Articles of Confederations does not provide us with
this government! Can we rightfully call ourselves the United States of America when we are
merely thirteen individually weak states? Our current federal government is hindered by the
squabbling between our over-powerful states: Laws are made but can’t be enforced or
interpreted. Taxes are needed but can’t be ratified. Trade is slumping, but the lack of a common
currency further hinders it. We need a new government!
We Virginians have had the most experience governing ourselves from the dawn of our
fledgling nation with the House of Burgesses in 1619. While we of the Virginia delegate were
waiting for your timely arrivals, we drafted a plan for government. The Virginia Plan calls for a
strong, central government divided into three branches that shares and checks each others
power so that no one branch can take it all. An executive, legislative, and judicial branch splits
the power of the federal government, while combined has enough power to keep the United
States, united. We propose a bicameral, two house legislature based on population. My
honorable friends, it is simply unfair for the majority voice of the people to be over-ruled by the
minority. New Jersey’s plan for a one house, one vote legislature is simply what we have in place
now with the Articles of Confederation. Nothing gets done and our nation falls to its knees! The
timeless John Locke put forward the idea that the government should rule from the consent of
the governed. What nation would we be if the consent of the majority was disregarded? That is
not democracy! Democracy is abiding to the will of the governed. The Virginia Plan listens to the
voices of the people, while addressing the need for a federal governing body.
We built this free nation from the grasps of tyranny and it is our duty to sustain it. America
is on the brink of creating the first successful democratic government since ancient Rome. We
have the potential to forge a prosperous democracy from a world ruled by the elite few. We have
already won our war, now it is time to capitalize upon it! The future of this country depends on
the implementation of the Virginia Plan. Gentlemen, I beseech you. Let us fulfill our glorious
destiny; Let us take our rightful prestige in this world; Let us be known as the United States of

Why Our Plan is Better than Everyone Else:
Virginia Plan handout

  • We were here 1st and wrote the plan while we were waiting for everyone to show up.
  • Virginia had the 1st representative legislation in America with the House of Burgesses in 1619. We Virginians are the most experienced with running our own government.
  • We are completely scrapping the completely incompetent Articles of Confederation.
  • We have incorporated the timeless ideals of John Locke to abide to the consent of the governed with the majority ruling.
  • We have further called upon the philosophies of the Baron de Montesquieu to have a government broken up into three branches so no one branch has more power over the other through a system of checks and balances.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

Room G-108 was packed with extreme energy as the Constitutional Convention was about to begin at the approximate time of 12:45 P.M. on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 2, 2012. James Madison was the first of six to step confidently up to the stage. Madison speaks bravely and with poise: stating, “We Virginians have had the most experience governing ourselves from the dawn of our fledging nation with the House of Burgesses in 1619.” Madison took a solid stance on how America should be governed through the Virginia Plan. “Strong, central government divided into three branches that shares and checks each other’s power.” “No one branch can take it all.” “Bicameral, two house legislature based on population.” Secure in his stance, Madison elegantly persuades spectators and refuses to let distractions interrupt him. Despite having that iniquitous New Jersey party throw paper at him, Madison refused to let up throughout his speech: making it stand out over all the other speeches.

Next up stood William Patterson to orate the New Jersey Plan. Patterson pointed out that all states should have “equal” rights. He copiously argued his reason for the New Jersey Plan being put into action. “One state; one vote” are the words he said to plot the idea for the New Jersey Plan. What he did not know was that his “one vote per state” idea was not truly equal for the minority would overrun the majority. This would mess up all representation within the states. What’s the point of having many representatives if there is only one vote per state? Virginia would’ve done all that work for a new government for nothing. William Patterson wasted our time! In addition, Patterson failed to ignore distractions. When paper came flying at him, what did he do? Did he let it fly like James Madison? No! Instead, he would stop his speech to throw it back. Never do that in a political speech! It makes you a lot less persuasive. Patterson obviously didn’t know that.

Two other clashes between groups ensued at the Convention. The Crispus Attucks Coalition and the Dixiecrat Bloc went at each others’ throats: debating slavery and how it should be dealt with in America. To they Virginia and New Jersey groups, this couldn’t have been worth paying attention to. They probably tuned out on both speeches because slavery has nothing to do with revising the Articles of Confederation or how a government should be run. Why have a Convention for revising the Articles of Confederation if two groups are just going to talk about slavery. Their arguments were just not potent enough. The Great Compromise tries to settle the clash of the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan all while trying to deal with the British Bloc. The British Bloc makes appalling and insulting points against the Americans. Why are they even here? We sent their redcoat army back to the U.K. after defeating them at Yorktown. Apparently they’re crazy enough to return and join the Convention of AMERICA! Why should they care? They are not American. The Compromise basically restates the New Jersey Plan babbling on about equal rights between all the states; they barely considered the Virginia Plan at all. Only James Madison was able to be confident enough to give a persuasive speech.

A heated debate followed the speeches. Once again, James Madison and his assistant shined in this debate. Every time they called out William Patterson and his follower, Patterson could not respond a decent counterargument. “I am not callow as you are!” Madison would convey. No response from the New Jersey Plan; the statement grabbed the attention of everyone at the Convention with the use of strong diction through the word “callow.” Patterson would eventually respond with, “I am not callow, I am jejune.” That attempt of a counterargument failed for “jejune” had the same meaning as “callow.” The Great Compromise thought they were trying to settle the clash but only heated it up even more with their argument on equal rights among all states. The three other parties could only make irrelevant comments for the Convention. Toward the end of this fiery discussion, New Jersey makes one final threat: to leave the Convention if they do not get their way. That showed how pathetically puerile they were. Had the New Jersey Plan been passed, Virginia would’ve stayed and taken it like the men they are.

Clearly, should anything in the Constitutional Convention be passed, it is James Madison’s Virginia Plan. His speech was the only one worthy of support; the Virginia Plan is the clear solution for solving all conflicts within the nation.

Virginia Plan brochure, Page 1

Virginia Plan brochure, Page 2


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