Emily C, Emily Z, Bridget, Alexis, Emmy, and Megan.

Group Members and Roles

  • Megan K: Journalist and poster
  • Alexis M: Pamphlet
  • Emmy M: Speech
  • Emily C: Debate and Radio
  • Emily Z: Mailer, Facebook Page, and Photos
  • Bridget: Video

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Group Slogan:Big or Small we are All eQUAL

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution:

-Equal representation for every state, no matter the size, that way the bigger states won't overpower the smaller ones
-Three branches of government;executive, legislative, judicial.
-Equality in Congress!
-The National Government will regulate trade and taxes for you, so you dont have to!

Orator: Text of Your Speech:

My fellow Americans...Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, New York, and all the rest, although we differ in our ways of living in my eyes we are all the same. Today we gather together to revise the Articles of Confederation and ultimately to decide the fate of our nation. How we establish our government now will foretell future America and impact it in greater ways than we can ever imagine. As a new country, we will never forget that we just fought hard and long in our quest to freedom. And look what we have successfully created TOGETHER as one. Do you understand that we have just created a nation unlike no other? Where the American dream can be accomplished, where we have strong leaders who are striving to fulfill a thriving government, where freedom can finally be practiced. BUT, one thing we have NOT perfected is equal representation among all states.

I, William Paterson, have come up with a brilliant plan to solve this very problem. THE NEW JERSEY PLAN! And under this plan, TRUE equality between the states, big or small, can finally be accomplished. Equality meaning the state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunities. In the past, New Jersey has been considered small, therefore insignificant like many other states. However didn’t we send our men to fight Britain just like any of the other states? Didn’t we have the same intentions when we came to this newly found land? So why should our opinion be considered less valuable when forming our nation’s laws? Our opinions form the laws; our laws define our nation; our nation is our future. If the more populated states have a greater influence in our country’s decisions, is this true equality?? NO, OF COURSE NOT. Smaller states are not being protected like it is “claimed” in the Declaration of Independence. Remember?? “All men are created equal”!!!! As in all states should be represented equally. One State; one vote.

Not only will states have equal representation under the New Jersey Plan, but I believe in having 3 branches of government; legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative branch would consist of one house in which all states are represented equally. This branch would then appoint officials to serve in the executive branch, and the executive appoints the judicial. It’s the perfect circle, free from corruption! Free from prejudice! The New Jersey plan will also put the National government in charge of our country’s taxation and will regulate trade, so individual states won’t have to! What’s not to like about this plan? With the National government in control over these matters for the whole nation, it will make us UNITED STATES, not just states sharing the same borders.
I’m sure none of you would condone the bigger states taking advantage, overpowering, and trampling the smaller states. Allowing the laws of larger states to become our nation’s laws, with no say from the small states. See this is the problem with representation based on population.
In addition to that, creating two houses under the legislative branch, where BOTH houses would have unequal state representation would only make it worse. Do you understand what that means? DOUBLE the power to the larger states. This my friends, is the foul Virginia plan.
So now it’s your decision to determine your fate. We present to you a choice, between discrimination and justice. The New Jersey Plan is that GLIMMER of hope shining down on our nation that this country needs to FLOURISH and THRIVE on! Equal representation EQUAL REPRESENTATION. HUH Virginia-What could possibly be wrong with that?
If you are unwilling to meet our demands and unwilling to succeed as an EQUAL nation based on the sage words of the Declaration of Independence, then the state of New Jersey and other small states have no choice but to leave the Constitutional Convention.

Why Our Plan is Good:
New Jersey Plan handout

The New Jersey plan allows for equal representation among all thirteen states. It allows for equality regardless of size or population. It will prevent the larger states from overpowering the smaller states, because with this plan no state will gain more power over another, since no state will be given more than one vote. This plan will also create a single nation that works together as a whole, rather than the ideals of the Virginia plan that only benefits the larger states because it is built on size and population. The Virginia plan will also cause the states to form thirteen individual nations instead of one nation. Most important the New Jersey plan creates equality for all, regardless of being big or small.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

Representatives for the New Jersey Plan, Virginia Plan, the Great Compromise, the Crispus Attucks Coalition, Dixiecrat Bloc and the British Bloc assembled at the constitutional convention Tuesday afternoon to participate in one of the most historical events of the United States of America.

The representatives gathered to revise the current Articles of Confederation.

Paper began to fly through the air as plan representatives delivered powerful speeches and argued in support of their ideas. Audience members became outraged as their positions were challenged consistently by other plan participants.

William Paterson came to propose a new plan, the New Jersey Plan.

“And under this plan, TRUE equality between the states, big or small, can finally be accomplished. Equality meaning the state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunities”, said Paterson.

This cannot be that simple, so to counter Paterson’s idea, James Madison proposed The Virginia Plan.

“ The Virginia Plan calls for a strong, central government divided into three branches that shares and checks each others power so that no one branch can take it all. An executive, legislative, and judicial branch splits the power of the federal government, while combined has enough power to keep the United States, united. We propose a bicameral, two house legislature based on population”, said Madison.

Paterson and Madison went head to head in a heated debate to try and decide whose plan would best suit the needs of the people of the United States of America.

The representatives of The New Jersey plan became so outraged by the foolish plans of others, that they threatened to leave the convention.

“If you are unwilling to meet our demands and unwilling to succeed as an EQUAL nation based on the sage words of the Declaration of Independence, then the state of New Jersey and other small states have no choice but to leave the Constitutional Convention”, said Paterson.

With everyone arguing, Roger Sherman of the Great Compromise proposed that the New Jersey Plan and Virginia Plan make a compromise.

“We rebelled, fought, and battled- let not what we accomplished disintegrate. We cannot let the blood shed by our brothers be in vain! We must join together and compromise; for the better future of America rests upon our shoulders, gentlemen”, said Sherman. “We are doubted by those whom we freed ourselves, Britain is waiting for us to fail and crawl back into the hands of monarchy. We cannot be divided! Together we shall stand as one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all; let us be whom they look up to, as a republic, as a shining city atop a hill that cannot be hidden.”

As the convention came to a close, Paterson and Madison agreed to set aside their independent positions and enter into a compromise. Even with that, the New Jersey Plan still stands behind their belief.

“BIG OR SMALL WE ARE ALL EQUAL!!!!” said Paterson.


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