Elliot, Harnoor, Blake, Austin, Spencer, Liam
Group Members and Roles
  • Liam - Speech
  • Jonah - Debater
  • Austin - Video
  • Blake - Radio
  • Spencer - Poster
  • Harnoor - Pamphlet
  • Elliot - Print Journalist

Group Slogan
Bravery is Anti-Slavery
What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution
We want a country that
  • Bans the importation of slaves from Africa
  • Ban slavery from spreading into all new states
  • Do not allow the immediate abolition of slavery where it already exists for economic reasons

Orator: Text of Your Speech
My fellow countrymen, patriots, members of this convention! I, George Mason, humble planter from Virginia, stand in front of you today to speak about a most serious and detestable blight upon our fledgeling nation. I speak, of course, about that inhumane institution of slavery. Think back just 13 years ago when my fellow man of Virginia, the venerable Thomas Jefferson, wrote in his Declaration of Independence that “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” Tell me, if we justified our rebellion with the truth that our human rights were being infringed upon, then how can we justify infringing on the rights of another man? I am a slaveowner: slavery’s existence makes planting difficult without it. But do not think for a second that I am not disgusted and repulsed by the institution. How can we lash and shed the blood of a man of our country when he does some petty wrong? We freed ourselves of a tyrant, when men of the US are tyrants themselves!
This brings me to Crispus Attucks. No one person felt the harsh, tyrannical hand of George III more than this brave patriot. This man bravely protested the unwelcome British troops in Boston, and received a bullet in response! In fact, he was the first to die in the unwelcome tragedy that was the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks was a hero that day! Without him, our country as we know it might very well not exist. Why, then, is he not recognized, elevated into legend like Paul Revere? Because he was a slave! A former one, yes, but the great patriot was once treated as something subhuman! How many more Crispus Attuckses exist? What Jeffersonian minds and leaders of Washington’s stature are wasted away
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because they are born into servitude?
And so, gathered at this Constitutional Convention, putting forth new ideas for our great country, I propose a new direction that we must take. I envision a country in which the
importation of slaves is henceforth abandoned. We are Americans! We did not and do not want our affairs being meddled with on the whims of another country - to sacrifice our wellbeing for their economic interest! But look at the slave trade. Inhumanely removing the slaves from Africa to be put under some master who ca
n beat them as he wishes? This is an overstepping of our power, as citizens and men of this Earth. Let us be revolutionaries, not ignorant reactionaries. The slave trade is daily contaminating the minds & morals of our people.
I also propose that any new state to enter the union should reject slavery as the sensible northern states do! When a parasite attaches itself to a creature and cannot be removed, is it generally desirable to keep that parasite constricted to its host alone. Slavery is parasitic - do not let it suck the moral vitality out of our union’s newest states!
Of course, I am not an unreasonable man. I understand the plight of the righteous slaveowner, caught between his own wellbeing and the wellbein
g of his slaves. I do not propose the immediate abolition of slavery - oh my no, think of the economic disaster, and the chaos. Here, those rogue Dixicrats have a valid point - but do not think that their argument is sound! What would happen to the millions of free blacks? This thought, and the others that go along a total abolition, are beyond us and our ability. But if we simply cut off our supply, then slavery would gradually cease to exist - the farmers could adapt, and future blacks couldlive lives where the opportunities of liberty and freedom are open to them. Our nation would not be so morally sapped - the mere fact that some some states ban the institution, while some allow it divides us! Let us phase out the institution which divides us from our fellow man - black man from white, southerner from northener. It will not necessarily be easy - as a planter, of course I will make sacrifices. But be brave, and be good men! Our nation was not founded with despotism and cowardice in mind. Stop the slave trade! Let not the disease of slavery spread to the new states! Damn the Dixicrats, and God bless the United States of America!

Why Our Plan is Good:
Crispus Attucks Handout

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

Tensions flared as the Constitutional Convention took place October 2, 2012. Delegates from various colonies came together in Philadelphia to discuss a way to better the future and establish a government in America. Six groups all with different plans for America discussed and argued which plan would work best and why.

James Madison, representing the Virginia Plan, spoke first. He proposed a system of government in which there are three branches that all share and check each others power so that on branch does not become too powerful. Madison also proposed a two house legislature based on population. Boo’s echoed from various parts of the room and papers were thrown. Madison then claimed that the New Jersey plan was unfair and that it gets nothing done.

Next to speak was William Paterson of the New Jersey Plan. Paterson claimed that his plan was the most equal and would not give any state more power than another. Paterson repeatedly attacked members of the Virginia plan stating that their plan was foul and unfair. Although Paterson claimed his plan was equal, it in reality was not. His “one vote, one state” argument essentially gave the smaller states more power. Paterson’s claims earned many boos from the crowd, along with paper throwing.

Roger Sherman of The Great Compromise spoke next. Sherman put forward the idea that his plan was the right choice because it took both the good parts of the Virginia and New Jersey plan, and made an even better plan. “Our government can be founded on the shoulders of Congress,” said Sherman. This received some cheers, and a few boo’s from the plan with bad teeth.

After the British Bloc made their statements and got booed off the stage, a heated argument began between the Crispus Attucks Coalition and the Dixiecrat Bloc. George Mason of the Crispus Attucks coalition made excellent points on how slavery was wrong, immoral and degrading to our society. “The slave trade is daily contaminating the minds & morals of our people,” exclaimed Mason. The idea that our country could become diverse and enlightened was also brought up by Mason. After Mason’s speech, the Dixiecrat Bloc spoke about how slavery was the right thing for our country and that is essentially what founded out nation. “The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the tobacco you smoke, and the goods you buy are only possible because of the industry of the Negro." These inhumane comments shocked members of the Crispus Attucks Coalition and the speaker receive plenty of paper to the face.

The Dixiecrat Bloc is selfish, lazy, and cruel. The Crispus Attucks Coalition is the right choice for American success. After all, bravery is anti-slavery.


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