Logan, Hailey, Janine, MacKenzie, Valeria, and Bridget.
Group Members and Roles
  • Bridget Coonan: Speaker/Debater
  • Janine Raduechel: Brochure/Debater
  • Valeria Franco: Poster/Facebook editor
  • Hailey Winfield: Letter/Facebook page
  • Mackenzie Lowry: TV ad/Photographer
  • Logan Werre: Journalist/Radio ad

Group Slogan

Loyal to the Royal!!!

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What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New ConstitutionIt is a mystery to me and the entire English empire as to why these colonists are drafting a constitution and attempting to keep their new government from sinking. These Americans have not the slightest clue what they are doing. it was a grave mistake on our part to let them continue this for so long. They may have won the war, but that does not mean that it will be smooth sailing from here on out for these naive colonists. It is our [[#|job]] to keep these children from destroying their nation even more than they already have! They are incompetent, inexperienced, and indecisive. They cannot [[#|agree]] on anything whatsoever! With all of these states quarreling with each other, it will be a miracle if we make it out of here alive. It is not to late to abolish the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation. Great Britain will welcome them back with open arms (and higher taxes, but they deserved that).

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Americans are inept at forming and running a government, especially one that covers so much land as the American States
  • They are too selfish and greedy to determine what the best things are for the nation as a whole
  • Due to their current state of confusion and anarchy, they will have a civil war on their hands if they do not act quickly

Orator: Text of Your Speech
I dearly wish you could all see yourselves from the English point of view. All of you colonists, driven by selfishness, greed, and want of power, truly do look pathetic. Thirteen separate states? There might as well be thirteen separate countries from the way you are all acting. Parliament and I can hear your squabbling from across the atlantic ocean. Perhaps that will serve as an indication of how inept the “united” states of America is at creating an entirely new government. Your congress is far too weak, your states are far too self-absorbed, and your citizens are far too uneducated.
It’s quite cute, really. You are so scared of the power a central government has that you abolish it altogether. The lack of a strong federal power has thrown this puerile nation into [[#|debt]]. Without the authority of your congress to levy taxes, the hole of debt that this country is digging will only become deeper and deeper. And then where will you be? Certainly no better off than you were under English rule. You claim to be thirteen united colonies, but your lack of a central power does not allow this. As a monarch, I fully understand the necessity of a strong central power to the welfare of the nation as a whole. It gives the people common ground. It gives them the chance to step back and say, “We may be different, but we are all British.” If nothing else, each and every one of them has that in common with each other. But you don’t even allow your own citizens that privilege! I guarantee to you: if I were to ask any person living in America where they are from, they will answer “Virginia” or “Rhode Island”. I ask you, American subjects, to look around the room. Look around at yourself! All of you convinced that the state you live in is superior to all others. These selfish attitudes, with each state trying to get their own way, is exactly what is driving you further and further apart. While I’m sure that each representative knows exactly what is best for his state, that is not necessarily what is best for the united states. This form of government that you have so ingeniously instituted is selfish and overall ineffective. And while your dream of a republic is aspirational, I regret to inform you that that is not possible. You hope to have the citizens vote directly on representatives and laws. If America was as civilized and educated a nation as Great Britain, this would be feasible. I regret to inform you that your citizens lack the education and, to be quite frank, common sense. I urge you to consider all the farmhands, frontiersmen, servants, and all other inept citizens that will be voting on YOUR legislations, YOUR future, and most importantly, YOUR salary.
You Americans are quite peculiar. Evidently this was too complex for your little minds to comprehend, but you did in fact had all the rights of Englishmen that the citizens of great Britain enjoyed as well. In fact, we were quite generous! Citizens paid more than twice the amount in taxes than you ever did. The claim was made that the taxes that parliament imposed on you in 1765 was illegal, and a form of robbery. Preposterous. If you do not wish to pay the taxes to your mother country, of course you don’t have to. But I’m warning you, jails in the eighteenth century are not particularly comfortable. It has also been said that you American citizens “suffered” injustice under my rule. When in fact the only things you suffered were stability, peace, safety, and protection (which is what your tax money was paying for, by the way). It appears that as of the current time, you have no army or navy to speak of, making you extremely vulnerable to foreign attacks. And yet your government refuses to impose a nationwide tax, despite your complete and total national bankruptcy. This shadow of a federal government will run this nation into the ground. I urge you to listen to my warnings, for if you continue this nonsensical idea of an independent republic then you surely shall fail.

Why Our Plan is Good:
Why? It is obvious. Our government has been functioning for hundreds of years! Why not be part of our functioning and wonderful government/Monarchy when the other choice(united States) is surely going to fail as a Republic? We have a stable economy, order and unity throughout our country, and a grand Monarch: King George the 3rd! Choose wisely, but remember, there is only one correct choice: Stay loyal to the royal!

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity
The parties of the new nation of America met today, and straight off the bat the Virginia plan group said what everyone already knew: America is the laughing stock of Europe. They then went on to talk about how they weren't even an America, they were actually just 13 individual states, and that the minority can’t ever beat the majority. Proceeding this statement, booing was heard and papers were tossed from the people of the New Jersey Plan. It was already beginning to show that this America would never last. After finishing their speech, the New Jersey Plan took the stage and began to give their ideas of the minority should equal the majority, they’re not a united America, and the small states are less powerful while the large states have more power. As this was stated, the Virginia plan began doing the same as the New Jersey Plan had done to them. The compromise group came next. They also brought up the idea that they’re not united, and claimed to have a beneficial plan for both groups. Their plan was to have a house of representatives with each state having representatives based off of population while having a senate, which would have 2 representatives from each state, and needing a two thirds vote to pass anything. This concept was somewhat plausible, however each party wanted to get everything they wanted and not give in to this compromise.

Finally though, the British were able to take the stage and talk some sense into the Americans. The British Bloc showed the Americans that their congress was weak, their people were uneducated, their government was ineffective, and their people lacked common sense. They then were able to tell the people how they had the same rights, keep peace, keep stability, and protect them. The Americans broke away from Britain because they were forced to pay half the taxes the people in Britain had been paying from the beginning of greatness, because Britain was in debt for protecting the colonists. Without the power of the British, they wouldn’t be called America; they would be the Western Colonies of the French Monarchy.

After the most informational speech of the convention, the Crispus Attucks Coalition started talking about how slavery was bad and should slowly be removed. Once again there was a party who was completely against this idea; the Dixiecrats, and began to throw paper at them. The Dixiecrats were the last to give their speech, which simply talked about why they needed slavery, and how without it, their economy would somehow get worse than it already is.

After the many speeches, the debate began. Each group took a strong stand on their ideas. The Virginia plan attacked the New Jersey Plan, and the New Jersey Plan attacked the Virginia Plan, neither thought about making a compromise, just arguing that theirs was better than the other. Eventually the Compromise group had to come in and try to make them form a mutual agreement. They called the others babies, and like the others, claimed their plan was the best. They tried to stop the two from arguing, but neither side was truly willing to accept their idea. Next the Dixiecrats and Crispus Attucks Coalition began their heated argument. Each tried making valid points to the other, but being so blinded by their own blatant pride, they refused to accept facts, and continued their name calling and arguing. The groups were so heated in argument that the British basically sat back and watched as they slowly began to tear each other apart. Sure they tried to attack the British, but what were they supposed to say? Our navies not that big? Our economies in the toilet? Our governments weak? Well then they’d just be explaining themselves, well you know, if they even had a navy. In the end, no one really compromised on anything, and they remained divided. I’ll give it a year at most before they come crawling back to Britain.


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