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Group Slogan:Equal Representation is the Way to a Great Nation.

Bullet Points of Your Plan- unicameral government-equal representaion regardless of population- one house consisting of a Senate with its members elected by the people-national government would be permitted to ley taxes-state laws would be suboordinate to laws passed by national legislature.
Orator: Text of Your Speech:
Fellow statesmen, my name is William Paterson, and I come here to represent the great state of New Jersey, along with the rest of the smaller states of America. Today is a day of history, gentlemen. What we decide here right now will decide the fate of the nation for centuries to come. Now ask yourself, are you willing to allow the foundation of America to be created from inequality and instability? This great land we have identified as the United States shall not be besmirched by the plan proposed by the likes of James Madison. What this country requires is a stable system of government, based upon the values of fairness and neutrality; not the null principles of yesterday’s government. This is why I have come to you, the delegates of these United States, with a vision of a new federal government. One that separates the power of central government among three branches; one whose house of legislature represents each state equally; one that maintains the government as organized under the articles of Confederation. The power of the people will remain valiant in an effort to oppose the larger states, and the Virginia plan.

As I recall, the Declaration of Independence states “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights.” Have the men from smaller states not acquired the same amount of liberty and respect as their neighbors in the larger ones? We cannot base the amount of representation a state receives on the size of property it occupies. This form of government implies that residents from one region of the country should receive additional benefits whilst the other lacks a proper representative for their state. Under proportional representation, smaller states such as; New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire would be given no delegates to present their case for issues within their boundaries. Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts would all have more responsibility regarding key affairs within the nation, overpowering the opinions of those in smaller areas. Legislature should be limited to one house that features equal representation; where each state receives an equal amount of representatives. The components of my plan would include granting the national government power to levy taxes and regulate trade. This would allow the country to gradually reduce debt caused by engaging in war with the British. Laws passed by national legislature would prevail over state laws, which brings the balance of power among the government and the states full circle.

As I contemplate the ideas introduced by Madison, there seems to be a thought lingering about in my mind. When I hear of the policies proposed by the Virginia plan, I have a certain recollection of another type of government that reigned to a very similar extent. What other country possessed an over-bearing national government that oppressed the position of the people? As you may remember, this form of government is eerily congruent to that of the one in which we just broke ties with. This familiarity between the Virginia plan and the tyranny of King George III is very concerning. With the condition our country is in, we cannot afford to become exactly what we intended to isolate ourselves from.

I believe the power of the nation should be divided between three branches of government; legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative branch would be unicameral, and every state has an equal number of representatives. Each state deserves to be granted individual freedoms while remaining equal in delegation, regardless of stature. I propose that we produce a stronger core government using guidelines from the articles of Confederation, yet not powerful enough to subjugate the decisions of the population. Therefore, we shall accomplish our primary intention of permanently unifying the states once and for all. A fair and equal government must be executed using my plan to salvage the welfare of this country. No nation has ever thrived with some citizens obtaining more power than others, and we mustn’t allow the downfall of America to occur due to an unjust government. The larger states contribute no more valuable principles to the nation than the smaller states. A plan must be carried out; it is up to you all to decide if you are willing to sacrifice the nation’s integrity by voting for the Virginia plan.

Why Our Plan is Good:
New Jersey Plan brochure

The New Jersey Plan will finally give us the equal representation within our central government that we have so long awaited and so ardenlty fought for. We have achieved a free nation, but it cannot truly be free until its people are represented as equal no matter where they reside or what the demographic is like. The larger states seek to diminish the power of the states lesser in size, and we are pining towards the cause of parity for big and small. We seek to establish a unicameral legislative branch that will guarantee a fair distribution of power within our Congress and no such belittlement of small states. We shall not permit ourselves to be silenced by the vice grip of states like New York and New Jersey. We deserve no less than they do. We set upon the honest truth that the equal representation of the people of this nation will elevate it to new heights such that it has not seen before.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

In light of today’s convention meeting, the New Jersey Plan was clearly the most viable and best out of the ones presented on this day. The delegates presenting the Virginia Plan acted insufficiently to contest the New Jersey Plan, and they demonstrated a clear lack of tact and knowledge of what is best for this country.

James Madison interjected rather boorishly while William Paterson of New Jersey attempted to speak, saying “Go be New Jersey and die!” which serves to prove that Virginia wishes to take advantage of New Jersey and other small states and considers them unworthy of belonging to our nation.

How insolent Mr. Madison was towards our Mr. Paterson, and how well composed Mr. Paterson was in the face of such uncivil behaviour.
When William Paterson presented his view that the smaller states don’t deserve to be treated as lesser and always lose vote in Congress, Madison once again interrupted, “Don’t they [the small states] deserve to lose?”

What a gross view of those that happen to be smaller! The unfairness displayed in Madison’s speech, although he claims that “each state should have equal say,” is contradictory at its best and nonsensical at worst. He also mentioned that it makes no difference what the small states want, “the big states and their much more important votes,” apparently serve a greater purpose than that of everyone else, according to Mr. Madison.

It is apparent to me and to everyone present today that The New Jersey plan had the most equal and rational say, and that the Mr. Madison and his supporters have lost their bearing and their sense altogether.

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