Noah, Melissa, Domenica, Glenda, Daniel, Jenny, Sarah J, and Sarah D.
Group Members and Roles
  • Glenda M: Speaker
  • Melissa M: Radio PSA and Photographer
  • Jenny H: Poster
  • Daniel E: Print Journalist
  • Noah D: Pamphlet and Debatep3-crispusattucks-poster-2012.jpg
  • Domenica S: Mailer
  • Sarah J: TV PSA
  • Sarah D: Facebook Page

Group Slogan

"Stop the knavery; together, let's end the slavery"

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution
  • Slavery should be banned in all new states.
  • Slavery should be abolished in old states (over a period of time if necessary)
  • End of slave trade in the colonies

Bullet Points of Your Plan
  • Slavery is morally wrong.
  • God punishes those who do not respect their brethren.
  • Slaves would still work for us if we paid them and treated them fairly. Plus the new employment would help the economic situation.
  • Should Britain, France, or Spain have the right to enslave us because they are different than we are?
  • Thomas Jefferson said "All men are created equal."
  • Happy slaves employed for money will work harder than famished slaves forced into the business.
  • Indentured servants rebelled in Bacon's Rebellion. Who says slaves won't do the same?
  • We rebelled against Britain because they treated us as inferiors, can we blame the slaves if they do the same?
Orator: Text of Your Speech

My fellow Americans, my friends, my brothers! I ask you to stop and listen carefully. Listen. * Pause * Do you hear that? That retched noise that haunts the innocence of the Holy land which we occupy? That is the sound of babies wrenched from their mothers while both cry and weep until their cheeks are numb with tears. That is the sound of a whip lashing at the hopes and dreams of an innocent man, tearing away at his flesh. That is the sound of the chains that bind the helpless to a lifetime of cruel punishment and strenuous toil. That is the sound of slavery.

It rings clear across our beloved nation just as the first shot at Concord was heard round the world. It is a parasite that infects our souls, eating away at our morality until our ethics exist no more. But have we acknowledged their consumption? Have we even noticed their absence? No! We have transformed into monsters so fast that we did not even see our fingers turn to claws.

Every day, we infect our virgin soil with the blood of the innocent. I ask you this: what have black men, women, and children done to deserve such callous treatment? Are slaves not humans who drink their mother’s milk, cry tears, and feel fears? Why, then, day in and day out, do we whip them until their backs shine scarlet? Why do we work them until their frail bones can no longer support their feeble weight? Why do we starve them until they are eye to eye with death? Before we call them fiends, and treat them so, perhaps we should look in the mirror.

Southern plantation owners claim the economy will die if they free their slaves, but this is false. Slaves are not a necessity to life. Everywhere else in America, people are hired for work. Will anyone argue that more jobs to boost our ill economy is a bad thing. Should we free our slaves, many would still work for pay and proper treatment. Elizabeth Freeman is a prime example of this. It is not that slaves hate work, it is that they hate the torment and barbarity they are treated with. If given the opportunity, blacks employees will be just as diligent and loyal as whites ones. Freeing our slaves would please the blacks but also our Heavenly Father, who so ardently despises our torture of our brethren.

Bear in mind, friends, that slaves only work as hard as will not get them whipped and as hard as their frail muscles will let them. Imagine what they are capable of when they are happy, well-fed, independent citizens. Better farming would result in more products, more products means more commerce and more commerce means more money.

Most importantly, did we not rebel against Britain because they refused to view us as equals? Did we not justify our revolutionary claims with evident logic? We did! But why then do these same rational principles not apply to our black brothers? We would be hypocrites to say it unjust should they rebel against us. Need I recall the days of indentured servants and Bacon’s Rebellion? Our oppressed and abused slaves could turn on us at any time, and who could blame them for dreaming of a better life? How would you feel if the British separated you from your wife and children all because their country is bigger than ours? Or if the French forced you to work until you fell helpless upon the ground simply because they felt that their lives were superior to ours? Did Thomas Jefferson not say that all men are created equal? Why then do men with skin a shade darker than ourselves get treated like subordinates?

I understand the burden I am asking all plantation owners to place upon themselves. I understand that removing slavery will be a hard process, but I also understand that it will be worth it. If we must do it gradually then so be it. But it must be done. If we allow it to exist in our sacred land, I think we will find it will haunt us forevermore. Slavery has been a pressing issue since the very beginning, and something so oppressive must be acknowledged and removed. We have pushed this vile spirit out of the picture for too long. Slavery is a malicious ghost. Should we allow it to exist in our scared land, I think we will find it will haunt us forevermore.

Although the process of emancipation may be time consuming for existing states, especially those in the south, I believe it absolutely necessary that no new states admitted to the Union be permitted to allow slavery. Something like this must be nipped in the bud. We were too late the first time, but that does not mean we should give up our efforts altogether. It is never too late to do what is right.

Step back and look at our nation through new eyes. It is our duty to our country, to our world, to God, to accept all humans as our brothers and treat them accordingly. Do not let our home, so young and innocent, be corrupted by an offense as detrimental as slavery.

Why Our Plan is Good:
  • God will look better upon us
  • It will increase the number of jobs and thereby help, not hurt, our economy
  • We won't look like hypocrites
  • More will get done because black workers will be healthier and happier

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity
The Virginia Plan was presented first in the Continental Congress, proposing a
Crispus Attucks Coalition Handout
single house with representation based on the population of each state. Their argument was that the more populated states would be under-represented in the New Jersey plan, and by adopting the Virginia Plan the ideals of the majority was represented. Virginia’s main argument was that since all men are equal, each should be represented equally. But out of the other side of their mouth, they refused to include a massive amount of people in their plan, the African Americans. That never stopped them from trying to include them in counting people to determine the amount of representatives, even though they are treated as property.
The New Jersey Plan pretends to be acting in the interest of the minority, but they ignore masses of people as well. Its effect would be to weigh the interests of a state more heavily than the interests of the people of the United States, another step closer to division and towards the power of the states. Further, this promotes the idea that states cannot work together, and would be repressed if their rights were not defended. This plan, like the Great Compromise and the Virginia Plan, focuses on a lesser problem, one that is not as vital to the true pressing problems of right and wrong, of tyranny and slavery.
A plan that tries to combine the two has some repercussions that cannot be ignored. The Great Compromise says that both the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan would be adopted into separate houses, and the House of Representatives would be based on population, counting each black as 3/5 of a person. An ideal that this nation was founded upon was that ALL men are created equal. No specifications about the color of the man’s skin, nothing about his position, or in what situation he was born into. This idea is both racist and callous, and immoral to say the least. To try and ignore this problem for now is something that will eventually divide our great nation in two. It is plainly unfair that we put the burden of slavery on our children and grandchildren, when the prime time to deal with it is now. The longer it is put off, the bloodier and longer the conflict will be, let alone the pain it will cause for countless generations of African Americans.
The Dixiecrat Bloc. Had God forgotten to bestow the essential qualities of mercy and goodwill upon these people? During the debate, one of their representatives justified his punishments by saying, “We only whip them when they’re bad. It gets results.” Their only justification to their plan was that the South would split from the Union if they were not given their rights to slaves. In addition, they supported the further importation of even more slaves from Africa, even when they were confronted with the idea that they could pay laborers for the same work. They deprive their countrymen of jobs, all the while saying that their slaves were crucial to the economy. After being asked if the whipping was good for the slaves, a representative claimed, “Yes. In Africa, they weren’t as civilized as us. If we didn’t take them out of their jungles and tamed them, they would be worse off.” Not only is whipping claimed to be essential, but it is justified as ‘taming’ and ‘civilizing’. The very fact that these people are able to participate as officials in the origins of the first large-scale democracy since Rome proves that our government has serious problems.
The most pressing problem of this age has to be addressed first. If slavery is ignored any longer, America will suffer. The only option now is to follow the Crispus Attucks Plan and deal with the most pressing issues first. Have we truly established a haven of freedom, safe from impersonal kings who exploit us for their own benefits if we leave the chains of bondage around the necks of our brothers? Is this a land of the free if we continue to pay slavers to kidnap fathers and mothers and children and friends from Africa to service our own needs? Our primary goal is one that must be to create a free country, and then we can provide the truly liberated people with the leaders they deserve. Vote Crispus Attucks. Finish the job of liberating this country. Stop this knavery, and together, lets end slavery.

Radio PSA

Crispus Attucks Coalition brochure, Page 1

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