Will, Tanner, Josh, Angel, Connor, Andrew, and David.

Group Members and Roles
  • Joshua Ward- Speech/ Debate
  • Will
  • Tanner
  • Angel
  • Connor
  • David
  • Andrew

Group Slogan-
"The Big State with the Big Plan"
What Your Group Wants-- Plan for New Constitution

Our plan calls for three branches of government: a legislative, judiciary, and executive branch. In the legislative branch, we have a unicameral house in which makes up laws. Representation in this house is equal among all states. Every state has one vote in each matter discussed in congress. All laws passed by the legislative branch are superior to any contradicting laws passed by state governments. These changes should be revised on an updated version of the Articles of Confederation.
  • A government split into 3 branches: Legislative, Executive, Judiciary
  • A single House in the Legislative Branch
  • Representation in the Legislative Branch not based on representation
  • All states have only ONE vote per law in congress
  • The modification of the Articles of Confederation into a more viable, powerful documents that give power to a federal government
  • Power to the federal government to levy taxes, Import trades, and trade tariffs
  • State laws should be inferior to the laws passed by the federal government

Orator: Text of Your Speech
My fellow Americans, I guess this is an appropriate term to call ourselves now. We are not “Pilgrims,” we are not “colonists,” and we are especially not “British.” Our name, our title for ourselves, has become synonymous with liberty, and freedom all across the old world. But as we face our latest trial, our problem with governing ourselves, I fear that we are deviating from our mandate by the Declaration of Independence. I fear that the people of the United States will revolve back into the oppression of power. I fear that our title “Americans” will become synonymous with hypocrisy and tyranny. I fear the enacting of the Virginia plan.

The Virginia plan calls for representation by a basis of population. At first glance, this is a sound idea. Why shouldn’t the fair people of the United States be allowed to vote based on population? Aren’t we all here to figure out how to solve our common problems? Aren’t we all here to work for the common goal of establishing a republic that is by the people, for the people? Indeed we are. Virginia is merely representing the interests of its people, which is a noble act to say the least, but if we dwell into their policies further, we can see that this is their ever-present flaw.

If we look to see who has the largest population in the United States, it is quiet plainly Virginia by, I might add, around 200,000 people. In fact, with the current population distribution, over 50% of our people live in the four largest states. How then is it fair to the other nine districts who, even if they banned together, could not reach a majority in Congress under the Virginia Plan? How is it fair that a Virginian farmer will have greater representation in government solely because he lives in an area of a higher population density? It quiet simply isn’t. We cannot expect to run such a diverse country as ourselves by allowing only 4 areas the possibility to control the very fate of our vast and varied lands. In essence, how can we expect a citizen in Virginia to care about the well-being of a citizen in say, Rhode Island? Didn’t we experience this same situation under King George who “represented” us as he cut our legs out from under us with his cruel taxes? My friends, we cannot adapt a system to run ourselves that is obviously biased and corruptible.

Therefore, my fellow delegates, I propose a counter-plan that eliminates this problem altogether. I propose a solution in which people that come from every diverse region of the United States; has a fair say in their personal fate. I propose a plan that calls for each state to have a single vote in a single legislative branch of government.

The representatives of the New Jersey Plan agree with almost every idea the Virginia plan has put forth. This mainly consists in the ideas of a three branched government consisting of a legislative, executive, and judiciary branch. We also agree that there should be a president, head of the executive branch, who presides over all sectors of government. However, we quarrel over there ideas for how to run a legislative branch. We believe that the legislative branch should be one house rather than two houses; we feel that this would speed up the turnaround rate for laws and help cut down on bureaucratic nonsense that has so plagued the articles of confederation. Fundamentally though, we believe that every state should have one vote per law. This would prevent the said problems with Virginia’s legislature and allow all people to have a fair, non-biased say in deciding their future.

Therefore, the New Jersey plan is superior to our opponents Virginia plan, and should be treated as such.

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Why Our Plan is Good:
The main ideology behind the New Jersey plan is that it is simply not the Virginia plan. The New Jersey Plan allows minority populations the ability to have an equal say as majority populations in deciding how to run the country. This is done by allowing each state only one vote per law, in contrast to a variable number of votes a state gets based on its population. The main problem with the Virginia plan is thus that large groups of people who are from a common area, can decide what taxes and policies that everyone else must abide by. The Virginia plan is therefore easily corruptible and can allow “mobs” to rule over everyone; with the New Jersey plan, this isn’t the case.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity
New Jersey Plan handout

Our great representatives of the Virginia plan dominated the floor today. When the other representatives tried to argue against our wonderful plan, they were quickly shut down. In the debate, simply because our option was the best. We had fair representation for everyone while the the Virginia plan argued for representation but it was not one that was equal for all. The Dixiecrat's tried to argue that slavery was a great thing and was necessary to our united states economy, but they were quickly dis proven and were so desperate that they tried to break off from the united states. What a sad attempt of surrender. While everybody else squirmed in their seats, out representatives stood proud and gave out the correct facts and examples. The other representatives didnt even have a single chance to debate us because we were stating the greatest plans and undeniable facts. In the end it was clearly our victory but all of the voters went to the great compromise after they were bribed, but we stood our ground and didnt give into temptation.

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