Group Members and Roles:
  • Jacob B: T.V. Commercial
  • Emily G: Mailer/Print Journalist/Poster
  • Slade L: Radio
  • Ailene L: Photographer/Pamplet
  • Dee L: Speech/ Debate
  • Sergio R: T.V. Commercial/Facebook Page/Journalist
  • Emily S: Speech/Debate

Group Slogan:


What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution:

We want represenation of slaves; we want the freedom of slaves; we want slaves to get a vote. Slaves are human beings and they deserve the same rights as we do. There is no inferior. As the Declareation of Indpendence states: "All men are equal". Are Africans not men? The abolishment of slavery MUST be kept in the Delcaration of Independence. We must find ways to become economically self-sufficient, but feeding on other peoples' welfare is NOT THE WAY TO GO. There are other choices that do not require the torture and suffering of others. We must unite together and find a way to boost our economy, and we DO need Africans' assistance and ideas to get America more successful than ever.

Bullet Points of Your Plan:
1 The constitution should take into consideration that African Americans are in fact Americans, which is why slavery should be abolished. It is written in our Declaration of Independence that all men are created equally; don’t African Americans have brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands? Other than a darker skin color, what separates them from us?
2 the congress needs to realize that keeping the slave trade destroys the American economy. Congress needs to take in the fact that big plantations and free labor can out-produce and sell their products more cheaply than small time farms. It is the slave labor that is destroying the economy, and in many ways will lead this country back to King George.
3 slaves should not be classified by 3/5 of a person. In many ways Africans Americans are bigger than most whites, and if that’s true how can they only represent 3/5 a person if they are bigger than whites? If we end slavery and count each African American as one person, we would have more people to tax which would raise more money. Who doesn’t want more money?
4 these last few months should be enough proof for Congress to see that state ruled economic trade doesn’t work. In fact, this idea has just lead to each state having more disunity than unity. States should have power, but the federal should have more: too much democratic rule, or otherwise known as too much mob rule, leads to rebellion like the Shay’s; which only leads this great country astray.

5 Yes, America has a big debt because of the war. Yet what people don’t realize is that more money is made throughout the country if there are more small time farmers all selling their goods, earning money then spending it throughout the country, rather than letting these big plantation monopolize the agriculture trade. We don’t need slave labor to have a good economy; we only need our two bare hands to craft our fortune.
6 just because we don’t have slave labor doesn’t mean that we will be seen as weak to the other European countries. The people need to start realizing that the idea of starting this country went against what the European countries thought, we beat the biggest Empire/ navy/ Army, we are setting the standards around the world. We have created a Declaration of Independence that will be used by other countries throughout history, why don’t we make even a bolder move like to abolish slavery?
7 If slavery was ended it would open up thousands upon thousands of jobs for Americans. More citizens having jobs would lead to fewer homeless debtors filling up jails, fewer rebellions, and would lead this country to being a super power. People must realize that you need a strong middle class to succeed: more jobs = more money= start of a united army for protection= having a navy= making sure France, Spain, and Britain pay and stand up to the treaty of Paris
We just defeated the biggest and most powerful army this world has ever seen, why would the south risk being completely destroyed just so they could keep free labor?

Orator: Text of Your Speech

My fellow citizens, members of Congress, my brothers-- brothers, how sweet the word sounds, to be able to call you all equals, not my inferior, not my subordinate, not my property, but brothers —we have gained our right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We have shed our own sweat, blood and tears to win our independence and break our ties with Mother England. We have overcome the strife of war and disunity to come together to fight for one another’s freedom. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; but what about “slaves”? Are they not men too? They desire the same freedom and rights that we desired; hear the same gunshots that we heard; cry the same tears that we cried, and yet, we are the only ones with rights. I am not proud of being a slave owner. I hear and see the horrors of bondage every day: the constant cracks of the whips, the river of blood on the ground, the pained expressions on their fatigued faces. How can I explain to my children why that slave was whipped until he could almost touch Death’s face with his fingertips? I cannot; I cannot bear to see my dark skinned brothers’ and sisters’ faces, pallid and suffering. They must be free men like you and I!

What is this 3/5ths idea? It is completely ludicrous! Are you and I not a whole human being? Are the very people who endure the long, scorching, summer days tending to the plantation while we sit inside relaxing not worthy of being recognized as a whole human being? I understand that the economy is failing, but with the use of slaves, we are degrading a group of human beings who have already shown us in the past that they will rebel. If we persist in requiring slaves as a labor force, then I assure you fellow citizens, there will be a slave revolt in the near future. Then who will tend to our profits? No one, but ourselves. These slaves will do what it takes to force us, men, to grant them their freedom. Who can blame them? They are the ones dying and being punished in front of their wives, children, brothers, sisters, and friends. They are the ones who persevere through the times of torture and maltreatment. They are the ones truly suffering. Did we not break away from tyrannical England because of the unjust treatment placed on us? Are we not tyrants to the Africans? We have stripped them of their dignity, freedom, and welfare; the very reasons we declared independence. We say that we are gentlemen, but how can we call ourselves “well-mannered” if we are the ones inflicting the pain and grief on these families? How can we set the example of becoming a real gentleman for our sons to follow if we are the ones committing these crimes? We cannot; we cannot stand here, calling these brothers and sisters “barbarians” because they do not look like us, speak the same language as us, or come from the same mother country as us when we, ourselves, are becoming barbarians by causing them utter misery and agony.
I urge you, fellow brothers, look deep into your heart and soul: Is slavery really the way to go? Surely it is not. I would like you all to just listen to this verse of a song I am sure, you all know. Don’t say anything; just listen with your ears and mind fully open and look with a new set of eyes:
“My country tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died! Land of the Pilgrim's pride! From every mountain side, Let freedom ring!”
Brothers and sisters, I am not saying that slavery must be abolished completely overnight, but baby steps are necessary to ensure that America’s citizens are truly equal. We must grant Africans their right to Freedom. All men are created equal from the same God. Each person is a person: they deserve a say in our society. With the help of all our brothers and sisters, our country will flourish, our country will be the example for others to follow, our country will forever be remembered as the first to abolish slavery; because America is equality; America is justice; America is freedom. Thank you.
Why Our Plan is Good:
We promote EQUALITY, JUSTICE, and LIBERTY for all. Each person, no matter the color of their skin, deserves Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Who could ask for more? Are our African brothers and sisters not human beings like we are?

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity:

Today will go down in history as one of the most important events
Crispus Attucks Coalition Handout
for our nation and possibly the entire world, a national convention was recently held in order to secure a more promising future for this newly spawned country that we all call home. The Convention consisted of political activists from all across our country, including the most morally inspirational and respectable Cripus Attucks coalition who fight for the rights and liberty of those enslaved who have no voice. The opening of this meeting was launched by the good old Mr. James Madison the representative of the Virginia Plan, he fought for the states that were larger to have more political power due to their overall superior size, offered the idea of equal taxation based on the proportion of the state, representation along with the idea of three branches of government to balance out the power to avoid the return to a monarch. He had an oh so very intriguing point like “all men are created equal, therefore each vote should be weighed equally” and that the large state plan is a necessity to secure people’s rights because of this.

Following Virginia was the New Jersey plan that went on about how governing ourselves would lead to the fall back into a tyranny. William Patterson of the New Jersey Plan spoke on the behalf of his contemporaries and why his generic idea would most beneficial for the rest of the country when really his ideas were strictly self motivated and his only aspiration was for his faction to gain more power by making his point very clearly that he wanted equal representation. Virginia and New Jersey were left to their squabbling over proper representation in the states. Roger Sherman of the spokesperson for the great compromise then stepped up to say his piece on the behalf of his party calling for the two plans to mutually come to an agreement and represent the individual and the state while representing America as one. As for both discussions both sides seemed unable to nudge, and unwavering in their swift and quick-witted responses, except for the Dixiecrat Bloc that was absolutely beaten to the ground in the most embarrassing way imaginable by our loyal Crispus Attucks representatives with their hammering logic. Whenever Dixiecrat members questioned the Crispus Attucks Coalition they would simply reply “with it isn’t morally correct” , then at one point they even had the nerve of accusing our representatives as slave owners.

The Dixiecrat group was trying to assert that slaves would never be capable of functioning and earning their own keep in this country as they are “illiterate”, saying that it is a very important concern in our society. They continued to blurt out nothing but foolish nonsense about slaves not making it on their own, or how they are only good for labor, and how they are inferior to whites. But thank God for those few brilliant, good-hearted people like Dee Lucas who was able to point out that, they were trying to turn a blind eye to the fact that more than 50% of the white population was also illiterate. Te Dixiecrat group tried to comeback from utter humiliation by saying “then why add more illiteracy to our voting poles” which was when Sergio and Dee throughout a catchy insult “You are clearly blinded by the brightness of your skin” if you are willing to believe that God finds slavery to be acceptable. Throughout the rest of the meeting the Crispus Attucks group clearly dominated the spotlight, all four other groups just sat back listening to all the good that would come from abolishing slavery, you could even see that the representatives of the Dixiecrat group were turning bright red with anger because they too were beginning to agree and accept that they were wrong in from every perspective. At the end of this meeting we can agree that thanks to our legit moral compass we were capable of proving and stating that slavery will just cause our nation to fall from disunity.


Crispus Attucks Coalition brochure, Page 2

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